In this blog post, I want to share with you how we at Nimm IT Solutions successfully implemented an AVD configuration @ using Nerdio as orchestrator and automation solution. AVD stands for Azure Virtual Desktop, which is a Microsoft service that allows users to access Windows 10/11 desktops and applications from anywhere and any device. Nerdio is a powerful tool that simplifies and automates the deployment and management of AVD environments.


Ebusco is a Dutch company that produces fully electric city and regional buses and the associated ecosystem. Their goal is to contribute to a better and healthier living environment by making sustainable, emission-free transport of people the standard. Ebusco has been operating since 2010 and has delivered more than 300 electric buses to various countries in Europe and beyond.

We worked with Rob van de Ven (sr. System Engineer), Ronald Meulendijks (sr. System Engineer) and Tom Peeters (IT director) from to create a comprehensive solution that helps them improve efficiency in deployment and costs. We used Nerdio Manager to create several host pools of Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session VMs that can serve multiple users at the same time. We also used Nerdio’s Installed Apps Management feature to selectively assign applications to different groups of users based on their roles and needs. This way, we avoided installing unnecessary apps on the image or session hosts, which would have increased the storage and maintenance costs.

By using Nerdio as our AVD solution, we can easily monitor, scale, update, backup and restore our AVD environment from a centralized dashboard. We can also leverage Nerdio’s integrations with other Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel to enhance the security and performance of our AVD environment.

The benefits of using Nerdio for AVD at Ebusco are:

  • Improved productivity and collaboration: Users can access their desktops and apps from any device and location, enabling them to work more efficiently and collaborate with their colleagues and customers.
  • Reduced costs and complexity: Nerdio’s automation and optimization features reduce the time and effort required to deploy and manage the AVD environment, resulting in lower operational costs and complexity.
  • Enhanced security and compliance: Nerdio’s security features ensure that the AVD environment is protected from threats and meets the compliance requirements of Ebusco’s industry.

We are very happy with the results of our AVD project and we would like to thank Nerdio for their excellent support and guidance throughout the process. If you are interested in learning more about how Nerdio can help you with your AVD needs, please visit and contact us.


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